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LemonsThe introduction of the Lemon Tree and its cultivation is due to the Arabs. These facts can be checked in two treaties written by two important Andalusian authors. Ibn-al-Awam, describes in detail the procedure for the growing of the lemon tree and other citric products in his book "Book of Agriculture" dated on the second half of the 12th century; therefore it is safe to assume that at that point of time these trees were very well known in the area. At the same time, Ibn-el-Beithar writes his "Dictionary of simple remedies", in which he describes the best attributes of lemon juice, highlighting the healing properties by means of embrocation and offering guidelines to its application and usage.

Its diffusion across the East, Southeast of Spain and Andalusia was already important at the beginning of the Modern Era; even though they were mainly used as ornamental trees it is at this time when the fruits start being used. And it is in the 19 th century, when the means of transport improve that the production strongly increases and it the transformation of the dry lands into irrigated lands is encouraged.



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